Selling with Easy Life Realty

Anyone can list your home for sale. You may even do so yourself! Why choose a REALTOR®? Does it really matter which REALTOR® I choose? Why didn’t my home sell with the last REALTOR®? Why didn’t I get any showings? How much can I get for my home? Where am I going to live if my home sells quickly?

Finding the perfect REALTOR® makes all the difference in the world when it comes time to put your property on the market. It seems like a daily occurrence here to have a client ask us why their home didn’t sell with their previous agent, or how Easy Life Realty is any different than our competitors. Well, we put some thought into the matter here’s what we came up with…

Pictures: We utilize multiple professional photographers, cinematographers, and even the occasional drone pilot. Did you know listings with photos sell over 65% faster than listings without photos, and that number rises with the quality of the photos? Choose an agent that thinks you deserve better than photos from an iPhone.

Marketing: What does your REALTOR® do after they list your home? List another? What are they doing to make sure your property sells? Here at Easy Life Realty, listing your property is only the beginning. After our advanced syndication system publishes your listing to over 300 websites automatically, we run ad campaigns on Google as well as numerous social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Ask your current REALTOR® to see how many people have viewed your listing on their website, or how many people have clicked your ads. Providing in-depth analytics is just one more way we make your life easier.

Tech Support: Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Here at Easy Life Realty, we provide in-house tech support and technology training to all of our wonderful agents. Having on-site support staff means an Easy Life agent experiences very little downtime and can focus on your contract instead of viruses or printer drivers. Choose a REALTOR® that will make your life as easy as possible.